3,500m2 security for your strategic assets

3.500 m2 Security
for Your
Strategic Tangible Assets


With us, the name is the program: We store metals behind locks and bars. METLOCK GmbH is a high-security duty-free warehouse. Our company offers private customers the safe storage of their property assets. Industrial customers can set up an external warehouse with us. Completely at the safety level of classic safe rooms. We are experts in the storage of strategic raw materials and precious metals, so your physical assets and raw materials are in the best hands with us.

One-off level of safety

Metals and physical assets stored at METLOCK are protected by walls of two metres (six feet) of reinforced concrete and a steel door with several tonnes of dead weight. A sophisticated electronic security system and the activation of the police also provide security. All physical goods are fully insured against all risks. In doing so, we significantly exceed the safety requirements of the insurers required for our policy.

By combining the various security systems, METLOCK offers a level of safety that is unique in the European Union. As our customer, you benefit from this security. We offer all this at a fair cost.


Storage area:
– 1,400 m2 in the high-security bunker
– 2,100 m2 high-security storage area
Bunker wall thickness: At least 2 metres reinforced concrete
Bunker vault door: 4.6 tonnes, security class 10 CD EX
Secured airlock area
Video and electronic surveillance
Police activation


A picture of the entire complex: In the foreground, the perimeter wall with wire mesh, automatic floodlights and cameras. Behind it is the secure warehouse with meeting area and roof terrace, adjacent to the high-security bunker (visible on the left of the picture). The access road is at the back left of the picture.

This computer animation shows what the bunker will look like after the ongoing extensive expansion:

Visualization of the building complex after expansion