metlock: the duty-free warehouse
for strategic metals

Strategic raw materials are stored safely by experts. Raw materials, whether as tangible or industrial material, are a question of space. Banks do not store strategic material assets. Most high-security warehouses specialise in precious metals. Own storage areas cost industrial companies space and raise safety questions.

METLOCK GmbH offers private customers and industrial companies, as one of the few high-security duty-free warehouses, the possibility to store their rare earths and technology metals safely and professionally. The warehouse is run with strict access controls and a minimal number of internal employees with access rights.

What is a duty-free warehouse?

Goods that are in our duty-free warehouse are not considered to be imported into the EU under tax law. Therefore, both VAT and customs duties are eliminated for purchase and sale.


Store your property in our high-security bunker in the Rhine-Main area. METLOCK provides banking-level security standards without being bound by banking regulations.

Affordable, reliable and safe like Fort Knox.

Store strategic raw materials privately?

The raw material warehouse in the garden. The safe in the closet. Those who privately stock strategic raw materials expose their investment to unnecessarily high risks. Find out all about the good reasons for storing your assets at METLOCK.

Your external industrial warehouse

Companies can store their raw materials at METLOCK. Due to the close cooperation with its sister company, the industrial supplier TRADIUM GmbH, METLOCK is the ideal partner for an external raw material warehouse.

We’re enlarging!

Construction is still ongoing until 2023. See what the METLOCK bunker will look like in the future.

Buy from TRADIUM – store at METLOCK

Buy from TRADIUM –

store at METLOCK

Strategic raw materials have a real future perspective as an extension of the investment portfolio. Strategic raw materials can be purchased from our sister company TRADIUM as tangible asset. Ownership transfer and storage at METLOCK are handled by a well-rehearsed team, so that a fast and smooth process is guaranteed. Use TRADIUM and METLOCK as a comfortable and professional complete package.

You can find out exactly how this works in our explanatory video. Just click!

Video: Strategic metals as tangible asset

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