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If you are considering to invest in physical technology metals and rare earths, you are in safe hands with TRADUM GmbH. A competent and experienced Team from our ISO certified partner company maintains relationship with renowned suppliers from around the world.
Starting for as low as 50,000 € investors with TRADIUM can benefit from an investment in technology metals and rare earths. TRADIUM GmbH offers you full service from one source: Not only do we assist in acquisition process but we also supply duty-free storage space inside our high-security bunker.

TRADIUM GmbH offers a secure Investment at a low cost: Those who invest in physical technology metals and rare earths at TRADIUM GmbH pay no up-front fees, no withholding tax and no VAT. There are only 2% of administrative costs per annum.

Visit TRADIUM GmbH at It is well-invested time.


Hinweis-Partner Information
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